A global, consumer packaged-goods company, undergoing a multi-year, multi-phase ERP implementation in more than 50 of its locations throughout the United States. Group V consultants developed a readiness program focusing on change management, communications, training and organizational design to prepare associates within the company for numerous business process changes and new automation.

A leading global provider of integrated information-based solutions, employing more than 32,000 employees that undertook a massive HR transformation program. This included outsourcing the recruiting function, the decentralization of all HR functions to business units and the development of an extensive HR branding campaign. Group V Solutions consultants provided internal communications and change leadership support to prepare management for the numerous changes related to the outsourcing of recruiting.

A major financial services company with nearly 13 million clients, implementing an ERP to more than 15,000 employees, retirees and field sales force. Group V Solutions consultants developed a comprehensive change management and communications strategy to enable then to effectively do this. Additionally, our consultants created an employee benefits portal that leveraged the new ERP capabilities, saving the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs by eliminating the need for printed benefits materials.


Our consultants have provided their expertise to companies such as:

A national advertising/direct marketing company undergoing a multi-year ERP implementation in over 20 locations nationwide. Group V Solution consultants were able to prepare the organization to successfully move to the enterprise system and to begin to realize benefits from the implementation within six months.

A Fortune 100 insurance company in the throes of multiple acquisitions. Group V Solutions consultants provided them with a strategic change management and communications program to assist the company in merging a number of very diverse cultures, systems and business processes.